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Is This A Dream?

Aaron Lundberg checks above his bed every night to make sure his dream catcher is there. Dream catchers don't catch dreams, they catch nightmares so that they aren't released into the city. After the horrible death of his parents due to a fire caused by a one of Aaron's nightmare when he was 13, Aaron tried to keep himself from going insane. He had killed his parents. Once he is released from 5 years of solitude, he decides to live with his friend Max, but the deal is that he is required to have a dream catcher now. Every dream catcher is assigned a Guard. A Guard's job is to remove the nightmares every so often so that the dream catcher doesn't clog and nightmares don't run rampant throughout the city. Aaron begins to experience more and more nightmares and soon wakes up more often causing him to meet Clover Newfield, his Guard. It is forbidden for a human to even meet their Guard, so what happens when Clover and Aaron start to fall in love with each other?

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