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Alligator's Moat (Sci-Fi Stories, Band 4): Volume 4

From CREDENCE author Marco Guarda, this is the fourth novelette released as single on paperback. Alligator’s Moat is the second adventure of Re-Life Associates salesman James Cricket. Big-game hunter and wealthy oilman Mr. Cross, beside himself with anger with Jimmy for turning his daughter Viridiana ten years older, wants to teach him a lesson. Unfortunately for Jimmy, he has a hard time to prove that Viridiana, who wanted early monetary as well as affective independence, counterfeited her identity card.

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Del Rey Gollancz 1 Ocak 2018 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform H. G. Wells Ace 3 Ocak 2017 1 Ocak 1995 Edgar Rice Burroughs L. Frank Baum Independently Published 4 Ocak 2017 Jules Verne Orbit J.K. Rowling Kolektif 1 Ocak 2017 1 Ocak 2016
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Yazar Alligator's Moat (Sci-Fi Stories, Band 4): Volume 4 Marco Guarda

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