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Tabii ki, herhangi bir oyuncu MP3 müziği çalar - muhtemelen dünyanın en yaygın müzik formatı. Bu nedenle, THE END adlı kitabı Jim Cheshire adlı müzik çalarınızdan kolayca dinleyebilirsiniz. Bu site, sitenin ürün yelpazesinin inanılmaz bir miktara sahip olduğu sesli kitapları almanızı ve dinlemenizi sağlar. Kitapları kolayca indirin, herhangi bir cihaza açın ve zorluk çekmeden dinleyin. THE END yazarlığını Jim Cheshire dinlemek istediğiniz cihazı düşünün, büyük olasılıkla yer imi oluşturma olasılığı yoktur, bu nedenle normal bir oynatıcı kullanarak sesli kitap dinlemek işe yaramaz veya sürekli olarak doğru ana gitmeniz gerekir. E-kitaplardaki oynatıcı genellikle basittir, sesli kitap çalabilirsiniz, ancak yer imi işlevselliği, bence, herhangi bir okuyucuda desteklenmemektedir! Bazı modeller Metin Okuma işlevini destekler. Ama neden, sitemizde ihtiyacınız olan formatı seçerseniz? Etiketler - MP3 kitabının sınırları içindeki etiketler, örneğin THE END (başlangıçta ve / veya sonunda). Yazarlık, albüm, çıkış yılı, albüm kapağı ve kitabın metni ve THE END eseri hakkında diğer bilgileri içerebilir. Etiketlerin sonraki sürümlerinde, ses kaydı hakkında başka veriler depolamak mümkündür. Etiketlerin çeşitli sürümleri vardır. Bir MP3 dosyası, bir başlık ve bir veri bloğundan oluşan birkaç MP3 parçasından (kare) oluşur.

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Yazar THE END Jim Cheshire

July 2019BREXITBritain's cold civil war over Brexit, has taken a turn with the selection of a third Prime Minister to Downing Street, charged by the public with decoupling from the European superstate. He is seen as a populist, an uncontrolled maverick in the mould of Donald Trump.But politics and showbusiness are two sides of the same coin. Boris Johnson's perceived eccentricity hides deep rooted ritual in the centuries old control grid of Westminster. Maxstoke and Lewes are two of the MI team assigned to Johnson's security detail. Their orders are to keep the wayward pragmatist safe from political, if not physical, assassination while ensuring that "the actions of those in office don't interfere with the plans of those in power."The MI team are briefed at a higher level than Downing Street and are the first to find out that there are imminent plans to engineer a situation that will collapse the populist narrative worldwide and usher in a new and unelected global government.PHILIP STREETAs state-controlled western media are drip-fed the preamble to coming events, an independent London journalist called Philip Street, who earns a living regurgitating MI talking points for the news media, is cautiously inducted into the required frame of mind for a world-changing narrative.But the veteran reporter has made many contacts over the years and when a colleague suddenly quits and moves back home to a remote Irish community, Street is fed the first 'red pill.' He is introduced online to a government scientist in exile with a fantastical story about the development of bioweapons aimed at culling civilian populations. In seeking out an old friend in the biomedical field, he discovers patents for subdermal skin tattoos and a worldwide scheme for pre-printed death certificates in the event of a global emergency.Street's next 'red pill' is buried in his journalist's notebooks from twenty years ago when an old friend ran a scurrilous, low-circulation magazine about conspiracy theories. What was considered laughable in 1997, is suddenly not so funny anymore. JACK BOYCEIndependent music producer, Jack Boyce is trying to sell up in the city and retire to his property in the wilds of Shropshire. Birmingham is a sprawling post-industrial brownfield, scarred with abandoned monuments to the industrial revolution. The old culture and character of the places and people have gone, leaving Boyce to clear out his old offices and fiddle with pet projects like The Switching Station website. It's a public window into the whistleblower boards where professionals can air their grievances and gossip. Even that is a struggle for inspiration, until he gets a phone call from London.THE METROPOLITANTo accompany the despondent workers of Birmingham on their daily grind, is the Metropolitan Internet Radio Station. It grows a large, undiscerning audience with its cross platform broadcasts, and distinctly lightweight flavour of local 'personalities.' Out of the blue, the loosely financed station, with banal and politically incorrect content, heads into unexpected and increasingly sticky legal trouble.The first prequel to RANDOM SKIES begins during the last days of a western world undergoing controlled demolition by anonymous globalist forces. Back in the summer of 2019, no one could guess what the winter would bring. But the signs were surely there, that human history as we knew it, was to be redefined, and all our certainties had now reached the end.

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