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David Shepherd, an elite US Navy SEAL, fights his way through difficult and dangerous missions along-side his adopted brother Christopher Hanley. Over time, they strangely begin to have multiple encounters with the supernatural. A powerful secret is revealed about Dave's family, going all the way back to ancient times and changing his life forever. Upon the discovery of this secret, Dave's contact with supernatural beings greatly increases and his relationship with the military is dramatically altered as a Secret Government Department seeks to exploit Dave's newly-found abilities. From a very young age, Dave had formed a strong chivalric ideology, with a crystal-clear view of right and wrong. This is challenged as his role in the military shifts. With the help of the deeply-cherished love of his life and his loving and supportive family, Dave struggles to both stay true to his values, and to survive the consequences of so doing.

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Yazar Saraph Todd S. Bindig

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