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Romans in Context

Description: Using crucial chapters from Paul's magnum opus as points of theological departure, Delano Palmer provides in-depth discussion on important themes like the role of first-century women in pastoral work and the nature and duration of spiritual endowments. Romans in Context is divided into three parts. Part one reviews the career and legacy of the apostle Paul against the backdrop of his cultural milieu and history. Part two takes up the knotty problem of what exactly does the apostle mean by justification by faith in its exploration of the declarative/demonstrative proposal of modern theologians. The section also explores what Paul has to say concerning the status of the justified in Romans 5-8. It is the final section that wrestles with matters of spiritual gifts, the role of female pastors, as well as the apostle's best-documented thoughts on Christian mission. Endorsements: ""Prof. Palmer is not an armchair theologian; he is an engaging theologian immersed in the lives of the people, the culture of the community, and the struggle for the souls of Jamaica . . . Palmer is the right man to write this kind of theological book; it is scholarly, cultural, and authentic. As a professor of theology at the Jamaica Theological Seminary, Palmer has demonstrated excellence and effectiveness which inform his life and work."" --Joseph Wint Founder and President Global Education Services Corporation, New York ""Romans in Context offers an interesting approach to the Epistle of Romans. Dr. Palmer is able to cast a new die for the study of this Pauline work. He does a good job of summarizing and analyzing the relevant literature and offers alternate conclusions for some of the syntactical and textual problems within the book. He is able to masterfully intertwine the functions of spiritual gifts and the role of the church. The designation 'Archbishop of Pricilla' exemplifies his willingness to discuss pertinent issues. He shows his gracious heart with the inclusion of essays from other writers. I recommend this book to all persons, especially students of Romans."" --Carlton Dennis Pastor of Bethel Gospel Assembly About the Contributor(s): Delano Vincent Palmer serves as Senior Lecturer at the Jamaica Theological Seminary, and is a bible teacher (Swallowfield Chapel in Kingston, Jamaica). He is the author of Spiritual Gifts: An Appraisal of Positions among Christian Brethren in Jamaica (1989), and Messianic ""I"" and Rastafari in NT Dialogue (2010).

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