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Kambalposh, Y: Between Worlds: The Travels of Yusuf Khan Kambalposh

This book is an edited and annotated translation of Tarikh-i-Yusufi by Yusuf Khan Kambalposh (c. 1830-90) who travelled to several places in north Africa and Europe. Translated for the first time from Urdu to English, it describes in detail the socio-economic conditions of Europe and contrasts it with the conditions in areas under European control. By highlighting this duality of approach with respect to the colonies, this translation reverses the gaze and exposes the reader to a non-European perception of the imperial world.With descriptions touching upon a wide array of subjects such as racial notions of civility, physical features of the natives, merits of different religions, reflections on sciences, and the relevance of museums and collections, it provides pertinent insights into contemporary religious practices, power relations, and the prevalent socio-cultural norms. The editor's introduction and annotations in the text systematically contextualize the information and highlights its significance in the corpus of travel literature.

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Yazar Kambalposh, Y: Between Worlds: The Travels of Yusuf Khan Kambalposh Yusuf Khan Kambalposh Mushirul Hasan Nishat Zaidi

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