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IPHONE 12 PRO MAX USER GUIDE: Tips, Tricks and Manual For Beginners

If you have a new or older iPhone and have downloaded the latest iOS 1 software, there are new features that will make your phone a bit more comfortable to use. So, with the iPhone 12 Pro Max and the iPhone X, there is something to bite into. This feature offers some great tips and tricks that you have discovered since using your new software and devices. If you're searching for the best iPhone on the market, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is essentially that.It's powerful, has quality battery life of any iPhone tested recently, and the camera is much better. It's also the best iPhone ever, and you have to be prepared to shoulder the extra weight because you don't have to listen to the cost, but add half a star for every iPhone fan you need. The best Apple can offer: the iPhone 12 Pro Max can do it very well.In this guide you will learn about:Smart measurement side tricks     Enable Dark Mode       Push Back Custom ControlsDolby Vision Video RecordingPhotography in low light conditionsHide personal photos   Record video faster with Quick Take       Use automatic shortcuts       Stream HDR content to your Apple TV using AirPlayWake Up SOS     Smartphone voice control with Siri         Speech Recognition     Create a smart home screen widget         Connect the Playstation controller to your iPhone    Creating Shortcuts       Automatic language translation     Custom Application IconsGet a copy of this book to learn more.    About the AuthorMy name is Benjamin Odin Adrian, a technical writer, and digital marketer

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