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Hudson, N: Unforgettable Canada

Featuring 10 new destinations. This beautifully illustrated guide features 125 of Canada's most remarkable destinations. Scattered across every province and territory, some represent dream excursions to the far reaches of the land, while others are closer to your hometown than you would have imagined. These destinations will show you unforgettable vistas, unusual land formations and compelling glimpses into Canada's history and spirit. From coast to coast to coast, you'll find some of the best places to visit in this vast land known for its diversity and extremes. Whether you want to climb the world's oldest rocks, visit a Viking encampment, kayak with killer whales or tour a diamond mine, you'll find the perfect trip in Unforgettable Canada. Among the 10 new destinations included in this revised and expanded edition are these five: Portage and Main - This famous intersection in downtown Winnipeg is legendary in Canadian folklore and often part of the country's unique humor. Known as the "crossroads of Canada," due to its relative proximity to the longitudinal center of Canada, it is simply one bitterly cold place to wait for a bus. Point Pelee National Park - The southernmost part of mainland Canada that's renowned among birdwatchers for the millions of migrating birds that stopover in the park's marshes. The Georgian Bay Islands - This national park consists of 63 small islands and is part the Georgian Bay Littoral Biosphere Reserve, one of the world's largest freshwater archipelagos. West Montrose Covered Bridge - Known as the "Kissing Bridge," it is a wooden covered bridge, the last of its kind in Ontario and the oldest such bridge in Canada. Cape Dorset Artists and Workshop - Known as the "Capital of Inuit Art," this has been the center for traditional Inuit drawing, printmaking and carving -- the community's main economic activities -- since the 1950s. Artworks from the workshop fetch high prices around the world.

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