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How to Raise a Gentleman Rev Ed HB (Gentlemanners)

An invaluable resource for parents who hope their little boys will grow up to be the kind of men who know which fork to use, how to treat others, and generally make their parents proud. Somewhere amid the tangle of video game controllers and muddy sneakers, there's a nice boy. And somewhere within that nice boy is a gentleman just waiting to emerge. For at least eighteen years, you'll have the pleasure of coaxing him out, little by little. You'll make sure he knows how to act at a formal dinner, and you'll explain to him that answering a telephone should never involve the words "yeah" or "hang on." And eventually, you'll be confident that he can react maturely when his team loses in overtime or when he meets a girl he likes. He'll know which fork to use, how to dress on an airplane, and when it's appropriate to speak up for himself and others. Let Kay West guide you through his transformation from boy to gentleman, and watch his young life flourish.

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