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Faded Glamour: Inspirational interiors and beautiful homes

'To me, an object that was once the height of elegance but is now a bit battered has far more allure than something brand new.' Pearl Lowe in The Daily Telegraph Pearl Lowe has a passion for vintage finds with character – jewel-toned velvet sofas, hand-dyed lace curtains, gleaming lacquer cabinets – and these are the essential ingredients of Faded Glamour, a gloriously decadent and perfectly lived-in decorating style. With evocative photography, Pearl’s beautiful Georgian home is revealed, showcasing her trademark blend of grandly romantic and cool rock ’n’ roll interiors. Take a tour through the colourful living rooms, intimate bedrooms and plush bathrooms of her creative friends’ unique homes. There are hand-painted peacocks and an emerald silk bedspread in the charming house of a renowned British fashion designer; bright contemporary paintings on the perfectly rustic plaster walls of Hauser and Wirth in Somerset; a rainbow staircase and vivid embroidered wall hangings in the home of an eclectic jewellery designer and so much more.

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Yazar Faded Glamour: Inspirational interiors and beautiful homes Pearl Lowe

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