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Echoes of Sherlock Holmes: Stories Inspired by the Holmes Canon

In a stunning follow-up to the acclaimed In the Company of Sherlock Holmes, Laurie R. King and Leslie S. Klinger present a brand-new anthology of stories inspired by the Arthur Conan Doyle canon.Echoes of Sherlock Holmes puts forth the question: What happens when great writers/creators who are not known as Sherlock Holmes devotees admit to being inspired by Conan Doyle stories? While some of these talented authors are highly-regarded mystery writers, others are best known for their work in the fields of fantasy or science fiction. All of them, however, share a great admiration for Arthur Conan Doyle and his greatest creations, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Some stories tell of Holmes himself (in Victorian Baker Street or modern New York, in various guises or a different gender), while others explore various Conan Doyle characters. Although not a formal collection of new Holmes stories (though some do fit that mold), these tales are inspired by the Conan Doyle canon. The results are breathtaking—for long-time fans of Holmes and Watson, for readers new to Doyle’s writing, and for all readers who love exceptional storytelling. Featuring stories by Tasha Alexander, Cory Doctorow, Hallie Ephron, Meg Gardiner, William Kent Krueger, Jonathan Maberry, Catriona McPherson, David Morrell, Anne Perry, Hank Phillippi Ryan, and more.

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İş Bankası Kültür Yayınları; 1. baskı William Shakespeare Dorlion Yayınları; 1. baskı Casey Cockerum Alfa Yayınları; Facsimile. baskı 6 Ocak 2017 Kolektif 1 Ocak 2018 Jack London Kessinger Publishing 3 Ocak 2017 1 Ocak 2015 H. G. Wells Stefan Zweig 4 Ocak 2017 5 Ocak 2017 Literary Licensing, LLC Independently Published
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Yazar Echoes of Sherlock Holmes: Stories Inspired by the Holmes Canon Laurie R. King

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