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Death of a Salesman (Penguin Plays)

Willy Loman, the protagonist of "Death of a Salesman," has spent his life following the American way, living out his belief in salesmanship as a way to reinvent himself. But somehow the riches and respect he covets have eluded him. At age 63, he searches for the moment his life took a wrong turn, the moment of betrayal that undermined his relationship with his wife and destroyed his relationship with Biff, the son in whom he invested his faith. Willy lives in a fragile world of elaborate excuses and daydreams, conflating past and present in a desperate attempt to make sense of himself and of a world that once promised so much.

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Dorlion Yayınları; 1. baskı 1 Ocak 2018 5 Ocak 2017 3 Ocak 2017 4 Ocak 2017 William Shakespeare Can Yayınları; 1. baskı 1 Ocak 2015 6 Ocak 2017 H. G. Wells Alfa Yayınları; Facsimile. baskı İş Bankası Kültür Yayınları; 1. baskı Jack London Independently Published Kessinger Publishing Kolektif Stefan Zweig Casey Cockerum
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Yazar Arthur Miller
İsbn 10 0881030171
İsbn 13 978-0881030174
Yayın Evi Turtleback Books
Boyutlar ve boyutlar 12.85 x 1.3 x 20.07 cm
tarafından gönderildi Death of a Salesman (Penguin Plays) 28 Ekim 1976

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