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Called by the Dragon

The Empire rules on the wings of dragons. Riders are hand-selected for brutal training from childhood, and Anzi has fought hard to answer her calling and join their ranks at long last. She has sacrificed everything to get here. Nothing will stop her now. Soon, however, she learns the terrible truth about the dragons: bred in captivity and enslaved from within the egg, they are but mindless beasts and corrupted shadows of what they once were. They are weapons of war and conquest, nothing more, and on their shackled wings, the Empire thrives Anzi is still grappling with newfound enemies and the treacherous thoughts growing inside her when a mysterious tribe of desert nomads appears in the Imperial City. Their chieftain is a man with secrets and a connection to the dragons of old - and, she discovers, a connection to her. The age of dragons died centuries ago, but from within the long shadow of their legacy comes something terrible. Destiny will finally strike back, in fire and in storm, and Anzi will find herself in the very center of the maelstrom. She is being Called. She will Answer.

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H. G. Wells 3 Ocak 2017 Independently Published 4 Ocak 2017 CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform 1 Ocak 1995 1 Ocak 2018 J.K. Rowling Orbit Gollancz Kolektif Del Rey 1 Ocak 2016 L. Frank Baum Edgar Rice Burroughs Jules Verne Ace 1 Ocak 2017
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