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Air Time: Watches Inspired by Aviation, Aeronautics, and Pilots

The first comprehensive reference for watch connoisseurs to explore a century of stylish timepieces inspired by and built for aviation, aeronautics and space exploration, and piloting.Air Time takes a keen look at more than ninety iconic timepieces that embody the spirit of flight, worn and made famous by the men and women who pioneered it, from daring balloonists and wartime jet pilots to jet-setters and astronauts.In a thoroughgoing look at nearly a century ofaviation-inspired timepieces--from 1904 to the present day-- WatchTime's Mark Bernardo interweaves history, technical insight, and the distinctive style of pilot watches into a first-of-its-kind comprehensive monograph.Chapters showcase historical milestones such as Cartier's development of the first men's wristwatch for Alberto Santos-Dumont; Charles Lindbergh's invention of the Longines Hour Angle; and the Omega Speedmaster, the first watch to land on the moon. Also featured are iconic timepieces, including the Breitling Navitimer, IWC Big Pilot's Watch, Breguet Type XX, and Rolex GMT-Master, up through current category timepieces such as in the collections of Bell & Ross, Longines, Bremont, Patek Philippe, Hamilton, and Zenith. Informative and compelling, this fascinating guide is the perfect gift for connoisseurs of timepieces, aviation, and globetrotting travel.

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Yazar Air Time: Watches Inspired by Aviation, Aeronautics, and Pilots Mark Bernardo

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