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A Sureness of Hand: The Art of Marie-Rose Coenegrachts

When we open ourselves to our deeper experiences, we can find inspiration from the intensity of an artist like Marie-Rose Coenegrachts, particularly in her rendering of how the outdoors made her feel. Just as the majesty of densely portrayed foreground in one of her mountain paintings gives way to wistful layers of background, so do similar layers of discovery await a reader of this richly illustrated text. Dale Franz, editor "This book of art represents the embodiment of creativity, originality and artistry as seen through the eyes of a truly independent and strong "force of nature" as she was inspired by the beauty of the places along her journey. Artist Marie-Rose Coenegrachts forged her own unique style of painting that transcended popular or novel movements at the time. Marie-Rose has emerged as a celebrated and successful female artist on her own merit without compromising her artistic perspective. Unconventional at the time, she won many awards, debunking gender biases and following her vision of the intrinsic and evocative sense of beauty in nature. Coenegrachts has a distinctive and recognizable artistry that is evocative of the masters, yet unique and different, as it draws the viewer into the place scene. Her work is a creative legacy from an original female pioneer who followed her passion, painting what she loved for the pure joy of creation". Dr. Sheila L. Sasser, Professor, Editor & Author of Creativity Research in Marketing & the Arts "As an artist I * enthralled with the artistic courage that accounts for the uncompromising scope and immediacy of feelings found in this body of work. As a teacher I'm inspired to share Marie-Rose Coenegrachts' remarkable diversity of approaches, her command for rendering natural spaciousness with life-affirming awe, and her ever expressive, carefully selected details that cause my eyes to dance". Chris Koenig Seguin Dean of Education, Marygrove College

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Yazar A Sureness of Hand: The Art of Marie-Rose Coenegrachts Nesa L'abbe Wu

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